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             > Group Business> Zhejiang Ice Loong

            Ice Loong Brief Introduction

            Zhejiang ICE LOONG Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as ICE LOONG Environmental Protection) was established in November 2017 and is a brand operating company under Zhejiang Yonghe Refrigeration Co., Ltd.. It is mainly responsible for the domestic and foreign sales of all series of ICE LOONG brand vehicles, refrigeration accessories and other products, and the development and maintenance of the domestic sales network of ICE LOONG brand refrigerants.

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            The ICE LOONG environmental protection headquarters is located in Quzhou, and marketing outlets are set up in all major cities in the country to serve customers quickly. ICE LOONG Environmental Protection has a leading domestic information platform for business, logistics, and management. It is based on the Resource Planning Management System(ERP), the Customer Relationship Management System(CRM), the Logistics Information System(LIS), and the Data Storage System(BW). The system is supported by close integration. Provide all-round support to the company's business operation and management. The ICE LOONG environmental protection relies on production companies, research and development units, and processing and application research centers to establish a four-part technology service system for production, marketing, research and use(MPRC) to provide customers with full-process solutions.
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